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Sur Les Pointes is a place of aspiration, heigh quality and passion. Together with our students we share a love for ballet, dance, and we understand that Quality is the difference that will lead to Success. No matter what ‘success’ means to you, we are dedicated to help you achieve it and we will support you on every step of the way.



We Believe in Classical Ballet Training

Classical ballet is the basis of a good dance education – it provides the foundation for all other dance forms. It is the most demanding, most disciplined but also the most rewarding of them. Accomplishing solid ballet foundation is crucial to becoming an outstanding dancer: classically trained dancers can later transfer their skills into jazz, modern dance, or any other dance form they might decide to pursue. Sur Les Pointes (SLP) classes provides its students with such solid ballet foundation.

We Believe in the Vaganova Method

We are a ballet studio dedicated to the education and development of classical ballet dancers in the method of training developed by Agrippina Vaganova, considered by many the greatest ballet pedagogue of the 20th century. All our classes are taught by professionally trained dance and education specialists.

Vaganova method is acknowledged all over the world as the foremost training syllabus of the classical ballet. It is an extraordinary system that permits to develop the knowledge of how one’s body should be used in order to dance with expression, yet without injuries, like the best Russian dancers do. Considered excellent, it is the foremost technique used by Mikhael Baryshnikov, Rudolph Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya, and other stars of Russian classical ballet.

Vaganova method is characterized by impeccable precision, attention to detail, ease of execution, energetic style, emotion-evoking grace, individual creativity, and vigor. Train in Vaganova Method, our students learn to dance with their whole body instead of isolating body parts into mechanical, separate movements.

We believe in the individual

Every child benefit from quality dance training, even though he or she may ultimately choose another career path. Here at Sur Les Pointes (SLP) children learn the cooperative teamwork necessary to produce a high-quality work of art. They develop creative thinking skills and the ability to push themselves to higher achievements. They learn about music and rhythm and are introduced to the French and Russian languages. They are taught to think with both sides of their brain while learning to dance. Their self-confidence and self-esteem continue to develop as they conquer new movements and grow more certain of their ability to apply, to work hard, and to master any task put before them.

Our students will enter the society with the ability to do well at whatever life will place before them, and with the ability to maintain the uncompromising high standards absorbed during their dance training.

Finally, We Believe in High Expectations

Building discipline, developing strength and stamina, achieving grace in movement is the work of years of study, and a process that never really ends. Sur Les Pointes (SLP) classes provides a positive environment where every student is expected to strive for excellence to the very best of their abilities.

We care about all our students and want them to do their best. We help them to enjoy and treasure the hours devoted to dance training. And most importantly, we encourage them to love dance for the sheer pleasure and sense of artistic fulfilment, rather than only for a sense of technical accomplishment.


Monday – Saturday 7:00 – 21:30

   Sunday – Closed

Visits only by appointment!